Friday, February 27, 2009

Leftovers and Juicing

So this week has been leftover week in our house cause we got a little carried away with the cooking last week and have so much food left. I made crock pot chili and banana cake and Mark made burrito stuffing, plus we ate out a few days and ended up with left over pulled pork sandwiches and muffins from Mimi's. On top of all that there is usually always a steady supply of baked cookies in the house.
Mark's sister and her husband got us a juicer for our wedding gift. We always saw the infomercials for them and wanted one, so we were so happy and surprised when they got us one. It makes awesome juice. So far we haven't been too creative or adventurous with it, but we'll be juicing up all kinds of stuff soon enough. Now we just need a blender so we can make smoothies! Mmmmm...
Mark had orange/nectarine with a little bit of kiwi
Just the orange juice alone is super good

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