Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love love love this picture of Mark from his mission

Friday, March 20, 2009

I love surprises!

So one night while I'm home alone, I get a text from Mark saying "ring, ring" and then the doorbell rings. I go to answer it, but Mark is nowhere around and sitting there are flowers with a note that says "I love you". So I take the flowers and close the door and then I get the same text and the doorbell rings again. I proceed to open and close the door and collect the following gifts, all of which are my favorite things (cherry coke, twizzlers, fruit for the juicer, ice cream).

After the last text and ring, I found my Mark on the doorstep. The whole thing was way cute!

Monday, March 16, 2009

More pictures

Here are some more pictures from the hospital and from our house where Uncle Mark was watching all the other kids

Inky feet after they stamped them
Professional stool glider (2 am)

Cutie Kegan
Uncle Marky and the kids (Khera, Julianna, Kegan)

Friday, March 13, 2009

He's finally here!

Yesterday I was able to be in the hospital with Mark's sister (Brandi) when she had her baby boy. Daniel Tillman Gabriella was born at 7:08am on Friday the 13th. He weighed 8lbs even and was 21 1/2 inches long. Brandi was at the hospital for almost 24 hours before she gave birth. Below is the picture of her birthing team. We spent all 24 hours with her at the hospital and had a good time.
From left: Brandi, Jo (Mark's mom), Sophia (my mom), me, and Tai (Mark's sister).
Nichelle (Mark's other sister) was also at the hospital for a while.
Our arrival and getting settled into the room

We had such a good time hanging out with Brandi and were so happy that she invited us all in. Everyone had their roles to play (photographer/machine unplugger, garbage lady/mouse mover/professional stool glider, Mary Poppins (well her magic bag anyway), bathroom door opener and many more). Being up til all hours of the morning got some of us a little loopy (won't mention any names) but it helped to pass the time.
I got an hour of sleep the night before we went to the hospital, so around 4am I had to get in a little nap before the baby came and Nichelle joined me. (Pullout couch...not so comfy)

Here he is!
Someone's angry!
He just stared at his mommy for the longest time
Auntie Em getting to hold him
The big sisters (Julianna and Khera) got to come to the hospital to meet their new brother
Here they are seeing him for the first time (Nichelle is really excited for them!)
Their first question when they were told he was born was, "What color is he?"
Of course they both wanted to hold him right away
Happy family! They'll have to get used to having a boy in the house.
Uncle Marky

Home Haircuts

Mark and I bought a set of hair clippers and this was my first attempt at cutting his hair at home. I thought it turned out just as good as at the salon. I just need to work on cutting around the ears. I was so nervous, so I had Mark do it himself.

Monday, March 9, 2009

So cute

Uncle Mark and Julie cuddling on the couch...so cute!

Random wedding photos

I just found these pictures on my mom's computer from my wedding reception
My sister Krissten
My dad

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Ward

On Sunday Mark and I went to our new ward (Ashley Heights). We love our old ward where Mark's family lives and we will miss them so much, but we figured, we're married and grown ups now, so we can go to our own ward. It was really nice. The people were all friendly and welcoming and we met some people that are newlyweds and that live in our neighborhood. The ward clerk had told us that 40% of our ward was under the age of 2 and he wasn't joking. I've never seen so many babies and toddlers in the same room in all my life and I'm sure they'll be calling us to nursery. I look forward to meeting more people that live close to us and making friends.