Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We just thought we'd share a picture of our tiny 5.77cm baby. This was from my appointment today. He (and when I say "he", I mean "it", but I feel bad saying "it") is actually looking more human-like and less tadpole-ish. Part of the ultrasound was 3D, so I was able to see him move his arms and legs. The tech made me cough and the poor little guy would bounce up and down. I felt bad. I'm finally out of my 1st trimester and hoping the 2nd will bring with it more energy and an appetite. We are trying to get our house back in order since Mark's sister and her kids moved out recently. It feels like we are moving in all over again, which is fun because Mark wasn't here the first time I moved in to the house. Things are good and we are having fun being on our own again.