Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We spent Halloween with Brandi and the kids this year. Friday before was our ward Trunk-or-Treat which turned out nicely. Nichelle, Sienna and Makaela joined us too. The kids got to play games, go on a costume parade and of course, get lots of candy.

It was a race to see who could use a straw and blow a fish to the end first. Khera actually won a goldfish, which sadly, is no longer with us.

Sienna played the bean bag toss and as you could guess from her close proximity to the board, never missed.

Khera won musical chairs. Pretty much, our girls dominated at the games that night.

The pumpkin missed the festivities

Halloween night we all went to Desert Mountain Park in Queen Creek for their annual carnival and Trunk-or-Treat. I have to say that the trunk-or-treat line was longer than Disneyland, but there was lots of fun stuff to do. Bounce House, petting zoo, train ride, rock climbing wall, games and food.

After the park, Mark and I met up with Mike and headed out for some grown up fun. We ended up at Hooters with The Webers for some pool and wings. Nichelle kindly shared her Halloween treats with us. Next year we decided we would be a little more creative with our costumes.

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