Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Break

My nieces were on Fall Break all last week, so we tried to find things to do to occupy our time. Monday our day was spent taking my mom to her appointments and hanging out at her house. Tuesday we went to the fabric store and picked out fleece so the girls could make these easy no-sew blankets. They did such a good job picking out 2 fabrics each, one print and one solid. They were so easy to make. The hardest part was cutting all the fringe around the edges of the blanket. First you put the 2 backs of each piece of fabric together and then cut a 4x4in square from each corner. Then around all 4 sides, cut 1in wide, 4in deep strips. I laid a tape measure on the floor to make the cutting easier.
When all the cutting was done we tied overhand knots on every other set of fringe and then turned the blanket over and tied the rest of the knots. I double knotted them all.

They turned out so cute! I want to make one for myself now. We might make matching pillows too if we have time.Wednesday we met Mark for lunch at Arizona Mills and then saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs". The kids liked it. I thought it was a little weird. Thankfully the baby slept through the whole movie. If I was smart I would've napped too. Thursday we didn't do much because I felt pretty crappy. I let the girls pick out a project from Michaels. They both chose to paint those imitation stained glass things that you hang in the window. Friday we met Mark again for lunch and then I surprised the kids and took them to BounceU. They had tons of fun. It was a good week. Unfortunately I got sick with the flu or something and have been down the whole weekend, but thankfully my antibiotics are kicking in and I should be up by tomorrow.

This video cracks me up. We were playing Pass the Pigs with Khera and Julianna and Daniel thought it was so funny when you rolled the pigs. I'd never heard him laugh so hard before. It was so cute! I love babies.

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dani said...

That video is so freakin cute! You should put it on Youtube, I bet it would get lots of hits. :) Your such a fun aunt to those girls.