Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finally finished and ready to burn

Like the post title says, we finally finished re-finishing this dining room table and chairs that we mixed and matched off of Craigslist and it took so long and was so frustrating that I wanted nothing more than to burn the whole set. Needless to say, this will be my last furniture up-cycle project. Who would've thought a little sanding, staining and painting could be so difficult and time consuming. Okay, enough complaining.

Here she is...(and I'm not even sure I like her yet)

There's another chair, but apparently we never got around to finishing it because I just saw it in the garage this morning.

I decided to do the table a light blue on top and Heirloom white on the bottom. (Our kitchen is currently red, white and aqua, but I thought aqua was a bit bright for a table top.) The bench top and chair seats are a dark ebony stain and the bench legs and chair bodies are black.
Mark did most of the work (sanding, staining, painting table base). I painted and distressed the table top and distressed the legs.
The little yarn drawer pull is my favorite part.

I'm not sure if the light and dark work together. It's sort of a mash-up of many things I was liking at the time, but I think each day it's growing on me. It only took us about 3 months of work, stare at, hate, let sit because we hate, then work again, to finish this beast. Next time though, I'll just spend the extra money and buy something already finished that I like.

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