Friday, March 18, 2011

No fun

(Long story to follow...feel free to skip)

These last few days have been no fun, for us and especially for Cannon. Little Man has been so sick. It started almost 10 days ago with some cold symptoms (cough, fever, watery eyes) and slowly got worse throughout the week. We went to the doctor last week when his fever was 101.5 but they said it's prolly a cold and we should just wait it out. He did okay until Wednesday night. Poor baby was up most of the night screaming and coughing and miserable. He is not a crier and so for him to be crying most of the night meant he was really not feeling well. His fever was back, the cough was much worse, runny nose, gagging, wouldn't eat much, couldn't sleep. It was the saddest thing EVER. I cried with him. We called the nurse first thing in the morning and were able to get in pretty quick. After checking Cannon over, the doctor said he had an ear infection and also wanted to send him to get blood work done (CBC and blood culture) and a chest xray just to be sure everything was okay. We went to the lab to get his blood drawn and of course he finally fell asleep while we were waiting. We could tell the man that called us back was nervous about drawing blood from a 5-month-old and were glad when he called in a more experienced woman to do it. We woke Cannon up and I held him on my lap. He screamed when they tied the band on his arm, but actually did okay when she stuck him with the needle. It was so sad to watch. Next we went to get the chest xray done. This was even harder than the blood draw because I couldn't be with him. Mark and I had to wait outside the room. It was unsettling to have a strange woman take my baby into another room without me. We could hear him crying through the door and I paced the hall while they were gone. Luckily it was quick. All of his tests were ordered STAT so we were able to get the results at the end of the day. The chest xray was normal, but his labs were off. They said he had some kind of infection so the doc called in an antibiotic for Cannon and told us to come back the next day to check on him again. We started his medicine and last night was better. He slept a little more and didn't cry as much, but could only sleep if he was held. Thankfully, when Cannon woke up today he was pretty happy. We went to the doctor and his fever was down a little and the doc said he looked much better than yesterday. He took lots of small naps today and still didn't eat much, but was able to do his normal bedtime routine (bath, pj's, book, prayers) and get to bed on time in his crib, so he must be feeling better. When things like this happen, I'm so thankful for Mark's good job that allows us to have insurance, doctors close by, the priesthood, and motherly instinct that all help in getting Little Man better.

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