Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Nursery

The baby's room is almost finished. We got all of the furniture put together (crib, dresser/changer combo with a hutch and rocking chair, courtesy of Gma Lois). Today I ordered a big vinyl tree to put up on the wall and now all we need is the crib mattress and our baby boy is set. More photos to come when it's all put together.

The tree is from Smiley Walls found on Etsy


*Becky* said...

umm flippin cute!!!

jenna♥devon said...

Awesome squirrels! I love all the sewing projects you have done! You are so talented, I need to start sewing... after all I have a mother that is a seamstress so I have free lessons whenever I want. Whenever I see people's projects it makes me wonder why I don't do them too!