Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Time

We started our Christmas celebrations off with the annual Walters' Family Christmas Party at Grandma and Grandpa Walters' house. All of Mark's family comes to do a white elephant gift exchange. The adults are one group and the kids play their own. Mark made out with a new silverware set, which we need because one little girl that lives with us (won't mention any names) seems to throw them away often and we also got a 101 cookie cutter set (which I brought and got back).

Grandma Walters ended up with this gem that Mark and I brought. I think she later gave it to Mark's niece, Makaela.

A few nights before Christmas, the Gutterys came to my mom and dad's house to visit. Kayla and Breea sang a beautiful song, which I would have on here if my computer wasn't being so slow.
Mark and I spent the night at my parent's house so we could be there with them Christmas morning. Funnily enough I got Mark and Xbox 360 for Christmas and he got me a Wii.
Christmas day we had our annual brunch at my mom and dad's house. Mark's family was there and the Gutterys joined us this year too.
Here's Dad and Daniel together.
Julianna, Bill, Tessa

Mark's sister Tai and her baby Kamren

Zac, Don, Mike

My dad's new jacket from Bill
Tai made Sienna this cute tutu for Christmas

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jenna♥devon said...

what a fun christmas em! you all look so happy. i am so sorry about daniel, my heart just broke when i was reading that update. i really hope that everything is ok i can only imagine what that would feel like! you will make such a great mom someday seeing how loving you are with the kids!