Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Ward

On Sunday Mark and I went to our new ward (Ashley Heights). We love our old ward where Mark's family lives and we will miss them so much, but we figured, we're married and grown ups now, so we can go to our own ward. It was really nice. The people were all friendly and welcoming and we met some people that are newlyweds and that live in our neighborhood. The ward clerk had told us that 40% of our ward was under the age of 2 and he wasn't joking. I've never seen so many babies and toddlers in the same room in all my life and I'm sure they'll be calling us to nursery. I look forward to meeting more people that live close to us and making friends.

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Dirty-D & J-Spice Winters said...

I am so thankful for coupon sense!!!!! I love all those emails I get :). It is scary going to a new ward because sometimes people are unfortunate and it ends up being a wierd one! But I'm so glad it is good in your case! I love our ward now so we have it good too.